Ep. 156: Patrick Boyle Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel talks with Patrick Boyle of Palomar Fund Management. Covel and Boyle talk about directional trading; timeframes in trading and short-term trading; Boyle’s background and how he came to be a founding partner of Palomar; Boyle’s time working with Victor Niederhoffer; Niederhoffer and his teaching lineage; David Harding and Bill Dunn; Boyle’s political stances, the Fed, and the SEC; risk and running a directional fund; performance correlation to the S&P and the trend following CTA’s; the big picture takeaways that Boyle learned under Niederhoffer; correlations to people who have come out of Niederhoffer’s shop; Monroe Trout; testing ideas; how quantitative analysis is different from technical analysis; the book publishing industry, and why all the secrets might not be in a $20 book; where Palomar Fund Management is at today; foundational advice to the budding fund manager; and libertarianism. Free trend following DVD: www.trendfollowing.com/win.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 156: Patrick Boyle Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

  1. Excellent commentary from Patrick on lessons learned from Niederhoffer, the importance of hard work in achieving success, how difficult it is to differentiate a fund that uses the same trading style as others, the importance of testing a trading idea regardless of who tells you about it, etc. I would suggest that in addition to testing a trading rule before using it, one should continue to test the trading rules one uses on an ongoing basis. Just because a rule or trading style works in today’s market environment doesn’t guarantee that it will work in the future.

    Too bad the audio from Patrick was less than stellar but his comments were top notch.

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