Ep. 156: Patrick Boyle Interview with Michael Covel on Trend Following Radio

Michael Covel talks with Patrick Boyle of Palomar Fund Management. Covel and Boyle talk about directional trading; timeframes in trading and short-term trading; Boyle’s background and how he came to be a founding partner of Palomar; Boyle’s time working with Victor Niederhoffer; Niederhoffer and his teaching lineage; David Harding and Bill Dunn; Boyle’s political stances, the Fed, and the SEC; risk and running a directional fund; performance correlation to the S&P and the trend following CTA’s; the big picture takeaways that Boyle learned under Niederhoffer; correlations to people who have come out of Niederhoffer’s shop; Monroe Trout; testing ideas; how quantitative analysis is different from technical analysis; the book publishing industry, and why all the secrets might not be in a $20 book; where Palomar Fund Management is at today; foundational advice to the budding fund manager; and libertarianism.

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