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So, I listened to Gerald Celente’s podcast interview today, during which there was a segment in which he almost went “off the cliff” in anger and disgust at the geopolitical, economic and social state of affairs we witness in today’s world. Lack of passionate viewpoint is not something he can be accused of. You were particularly quiet yourself at that point, graciously affording him the space to articulate in full where he was coming from. I’m curious what reactions you might have received from listeners? Thing is, how he feels and what he shared resonates. If One is of the glass half full tribe – as I wish to be – maybe even harbouring affinity for Kurzweil’s Singularity moment of arrival – we’re also on the cusp of some remarkable innovations and exciting times – there’s a silver lining on the horizon. Yet, something is awry. It feels as if we’re just spinning our wheels like a hamster, lots of activity but no real progress. We read familiar sources – Thomas Friedman, Seth Godin, Nassim Taleb, Niall Ferguson, [name], Alan Watts, Michael Mauboussin, Barry Ritholz, James Altucher, Gerald Celente – to name just a few. Regrettably, that’s where the similarities end! You live a different life, experience daily world in ways I can only imagine. When you’re in a position to really write your own ticket, today’s world – all chaos aside – is truly remarkable – as your own experience attests. Yet, the brutal reality is in my humble opinion, not everyone can do so. There’s just not enough “Categories of One” to go round. Really. And I cringe saying that as it smacks of scarcity thinking. But there, I’ve said it.

There is no short cut, but what is the alternative to not trying?

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