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Practice, Patience and Perseverance

Trend Following is a lifestyle. It is a way of thinking, acting and doing. It does take determination, however. It isn’t easy to make money from the markets, just as it isn’t easy to become an Olympic athlete. Think of all the factors about yourself that would need to be altered if you were to train for the Olympics. Your diet, fitness routine, coaches, psychology and so much more would have to be worked on tirelessly to make it to the top. Your whole lifestyle and way of being would need shift. You would have to put the time in.

Now lets put that into trend following terms. You cant expect to read only a book (even though mine are a great first step), with no work on your end, and magically make millions in the markets. If it were that easy everyone would be making the big money. It takes practice, patience and perseverance. You can memorize algorithms or imagine the “perfect” system all you want, but until you master your psyche you will never reach your full potential. This is why Charles Faulkner (listen) has been on my podcast three times and is easily one of the most popular guests.

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