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Thanks Again for Your Wonderful Wake-up Calls

Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I have started to read your books about 6-9 months ago, and bought the only one I was still missing last week-end! I still have to complete reading of this last one, currently ‘digesting’ the various readings, while I have to fully grasp all the learning into a structured thinking of mine. Over the past 6 months I have also started to seriously listen to your podcasts and trying to catch-up with the long list of great insights. I like your personal way of thinking/speaking: incisive, clear-cut, no unnecessary compromise. Your message goes out loud and clear. Thanks for this fantastic array of shared knowledge! You have clearly influenced (directed?) my belief in price and trend following as the methodology that all successful traders use. I am now a firm believer of ‘taking charge’ and I believe ‘Trend Following’ is the way. I am still struggling a bit to put a system in place. I want to purchase one of your systems, but I am not sure which one. My sons are more knowledgeable in dinosaurs than I am, but not your types of dinosaurs! This morning, I was catching a bit on podcasts and heard you will be in Singapore later in February. I would love to meet you face-to-face. Based on your insights, I would also like to understand why in your opinion, despite using the same system described in your books, the ‘turtles’ did not all have the same amount of success: different leverage? less discipline to follow the trading signals? Do you short the exact same way as you ‘long’ the market?, etc. I am really looking forward to meeting with you in Singapore,
Very best regards,

P.S. Two words on me: I am a French national, living in Asia with my family for 8+ years by personal choice. I successfully started a joint-venture in India 8 years ago (but unfortunately did not get shares of it… ), then have been the MD of [name] in Malaysia for 2 years, and have now been developing business in Asia for [name], based here in Singapore. My personal story with the finance industry is not different than the one of many others when it comes to ‘investing/trading’. I initially thought that, as for other Industries, trusting the professional investors was the safe bet, to my greatest disappointment. Trust in banks and pensions funds has eroded with the bad years to the point where I went into reading/listening to make my own decisions. Which is where I am now…Thanks again for your wonderful ‘wake-up calls”!

Thanks! We will try for a Singapore meetup once my schedule firms.

How and why did Turtles have differing levels of success? That is a main component of my book on their story. Take a read!

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