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Finding A Starting Point

Feedback in:

Mr. Covel, I just ordered your free DVD. Have you written a book that goes over your early beginnings in trading, your early thought processes, your early tinkering and experimenting and the steps you went through to that got you to your goals? I am so overwhelmed in my goal of being a successful trader I feel I need to start from the beginning. Just this weekend finished a ‘Rich Dad’ seminar and I am one of quite a few that did not ‘buy in’ right away. Not taking anything away from his program, it was just too much too quick to think about and do and I decided to wait awhile and do more of my own research. We are going to start an investment club here locally. I am tired of thinking “The Machine” is going to take care of me. I have committed to taking my own retirement funds to a new level. And the good thing is I still have a little time (I am 55). Let me know if you have written the above, or something close. Thanks a lot.
Tom G.
Colorado Springs, CO

Tom, all 4 of my books have bits and pieces of a story in them. See here.

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