The Visual Way to NOT Be a Trend Follower

This is not the trend following day:

A top trend following office resembles that of an attorney, CPA or insurance salesman–no busy types glued to screens pretending to be masters of the universe. Trend following is an intellectual game, not a software/screen/juice game.

Note: Before someone screams bloody murder, of course for some multi-billion dollar fund there might need to be more daily execution issues, but the trend following itself is not about being connected to a screen 24/7.

5 thoughts on “The Visual Way to NOT Be a Trend Follower

  1. The description of Bill Dunn’s office atmosphere in “Trend Following” is much closer to reality.

  2. there is an perfectly inverse correlation betw the numbers of screens you have and the amount of money you make.

  3. I have absolutely NO idea how anyone could make any sense of the market in an environment like that…….

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