Atlas Shrugged Influence

Joe Capone writes:

“You say that you put books out to ignite conversation. Well, I just finished reading Atlas Shrugged today, at your recommendation. What are your thoughts about this great novel, in relation to trend following and trading? I am curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks Michael.”

Ed Seykota first told me to read Atlas 10 years ago–as a condition to our initial conversation! I have since found that so many top traders look to Rand’s work. For example, David Harding also brought up Atlas Shrugged in conversation as a major influence.

7 thoughts on “Atlas Shrugged Influence

  1. I also read Atlas Shrugged this past summer due to Michael’s recommendation. Without a doubt, the best non trading book I’ve ever read. Truly an awesome book. Will read Fountainhead before this year is over. Side note: Miami Heat has a player whose last name is Chalmers. Every time the announcers called his name in the NBA Finals, I remembered the guy in AS named Chalmers that was an imbecile on the train!

  2. I’ve read Rand, and can see why traders would find her work to be an influence. However, I doubt she would hold in very high esteem individuals who make a living by “following trends” 😉

    On a related note, did anyone catch the movie version of Atlas Shrugged that came out not long ago? Apparently, it bombed at the box office, but since I don’t know anyone who actually saw it, I was wondering if it really was a bad movie or a good one that was just poorly marketed. Maybe it will find a second life on DVD and the producers can make the next installment.

  3. I never bothered with the film when I heard it would be 3+ movies…it’s just too much for a film…I think we could have all predicted a film project disaster!

  4. I first read Atlas when I was 21…47 years ago. One of the best books I ever read…a life changer at an impressionable age.

    The movie was pretty good…hard to get the philosophy crammed in 90 minutes. That’s why it will be a three-parter.

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