Great Line from Seth Godin

From ‘Poke the Box’:

Golf is not safe. My grandfather died playing golf. Speaking up is not safe. People might be offended. Innovation is not safe. You’ll fail. Perhaps badly. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, what are you going to do about it? Hide? Crouch in a corner and work as hard as you can to fit in? That’s not safe, either. Might as well do something that matters instead.

Or said another way, “Don’t be a ****y!”

I live and breathe my firm. Passion for this subject courses through my veins. Why is that? Who knows. It just does. Reaching and teaching people what I have learned — is an adrenaline rush. Take advantage of my work, and you will either make or save a great deal of money.

3 thoughts on “Great Line from Seth Godin

  1. Is there anyone else out there who has had it up to here with the expression “adrenaline rush”. Sounds like something that could kill you if you don’t take soemething for it.

    Does everyone have to have one? Apparently is a requirement if you are going to be thought of as “cool”, dedicated, hip, a step ahead, one of the “in crowd”. I doubt that the little-known ultra-successful trend-followers constantly experience one.

    But every ***hole testing a new car on TV just has to have one. Jeez. Get a life. And one more; “find your passion”. WTF does that mean?

    Enough already.

  2. WTF does that mean? Basically is means that if you are not in control of your life then somebody else WILL be. If you have no passion, no vision, no creativity, and no drive, then you will end up working for someone who DOES have those things. That’s why some people will never be anything other than an employee working on someone else’s projects. THAT’S WTF that means.

  3. OK, Thanks Gene. Now I get it. Since I have owned my own business and wrote my own paychecks cumulatively in the millions, by the way)for the past 27 years, I guess I had the “passion” and all that other stuff, but just didn’t recognize it while I was working my butt off. For me, it was fear of failure that drove me to do whatever it takes. The only adrenlaine rush I ever got was when I couldn’t collect what was owed to me or make a loan payment or payroll. Do lawyers have the “passion”? How about Doctors? Most of them may love the public adoration, but hate what they have to do to get paid.

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