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Jim Cramer Supporter Stalks Me; I Always Wanted a Stalker!

In April of 2010 this guy wrote me about my critique of Jim Cramer (he was reading intro to my 2nd book?). Almost a year has passed with no contact and now today this ditty comes rolling in from Dave Loevner:

I have so far skimmed the information you have to offer, and intend to go back, and read verbatim. What bothers me specifically about you, and certainly not your material is your opinion of me. Obviously, with the fact that I do watch Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer makes me an idiot. Why do you waste energy slamming someone else when, that energy could be used more productively? Why even bring up Jim Cramer when you have so much to offer? Put the energy there. Every time I see your name on the internet, it’s never about you, and what you have to offer. It’s you, slamming Jim Cramer.  Much rather hear more of what you have to offer. Are you so filled with jealousy over not having a TV show that, you have reduced yourself to this playground nonsense? That was rhetorical, only asking that you give yourself an honest answer. You have value, and much to give but, not because, in your opinion Jim Cramer doesn’t. Knock it off, and focus on the information you have to offer. Yes, I enjoy Mad Money. One thing Jim Cramer emphasizes is, due diligence! I take him at his word as he has been wrong more than once. He emphasizes that because he, admits he has been wrong. It is entertaining to me, and I do get some valuable information to at least enable me to continue looking at the market. I have learned much on analyzing my market activity. I intend to learn more from you, as well but, it is difficult learning from someone who thinks I’m an idiot, and focuses so negatively on someone else. Both of you have different styles but, much to offer. When you finally free yourself from focusing so negatively on someone else, and referring to me as an idiot perhaps, I can feel a little better about reading your material word for word. Hopefully, you will move forward with an emphasis on you, and your work. Thank you, Dave Loevner

Let me get this straight Dave, you don’t want to read about trend following because a small part of my job is to slam your boy Cramer? I recommend sticking with him. Working with lost clients is not my cup of tea. Here are two more shows to add to your watch list: 1 and 2. When done there start at about the 27:00 minute mark here.

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