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Roy Longstreet: Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader

An excerpt from ‘Viewpoints of a Commodity Trader’ by Roy Longstreet:

“Each of us, in our daily lives, tends to adjust to this invisible stress point. If a man lives just up to it, he can lead a happy and productive life. If, on occasion, he lives just a little over it, he finds that often these are the periods in which he learns “by running scared”. If, on the other hand, a man lives too far over his stress point, that man will tend to panic. Sooner or later such a practice results in disaster. But the real problem, for most of us, lies in setting our sights too low. Mainly because of fear, perhaps 95% of us live too far under our stress points. For those who dare too little, the penalty which must be paid, while perhaps not as sudden as for those who dare too much, is equally sure and certain. Life becomes dull and meaningless. Those who dare not become so much beef on the hoof; they exist, but they do not live.”

Publish date 1968. Why post the date? I was smiling to myself at a conversation held on my blog some time back when an erudite poster declared that a book (another one) written decades ago could not be relevant today. Everyone does get what they want don’t they?

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