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Glenn Beck’s ‘Broke’ Inspired by Michael Covel’s ‘Broke’

Glenn Beck's Broke

Glenn Beck (and his co-author Kevin Balfe) released a new book today (Oct 2010) titled Broke.

I happen to have a documentary film titled Broke released last year.

A coincidence on titles?

Readers can judge. Some background might help…

Once my film was completed it made the rounds to many potential distribution outlets. One outlet among many was Glenn Beck’s office (my film ended up premiering on The Documentary Channel). Beck’s co-author Kevin Balfe emailed me October 1, 2009 to say:

“I think you’ve produced an excellent documentary but it’s not a great fit for us at this time.”

Did not think too much of that as rejection is part of the business in a creative world. Easy come, easy go. However, a year later it was an interesting surprise to see Beck’s book ‘Broke’ announced in Aug 2010. My gut immediately said, “I know where they got that title from.”

Beck confirmed when his title changed (audio) in Sep 2010:

“This one started out last October [2009] as ‘The Plan’, but we decided to make it ‘Broke.'”

‘Broke’ was a great title for a film and it is interesting to see Beck change his book title due to my random 2008 moment of inspiration.

Michael Covel's Broke

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