David Eckstein on Baseball (and Trading)

Jack Zaner wrote me today with a great quote from David Eckstein (2nd baseman for the San Diego Padres) about what it takes to play successful baseball in a pennant race:

“The ball doesn’t behave differently in September than it did in the spring. It moves no faster. It hops no harder. The trick is to stick to your routine in the face of accumulating anxiety; to play the game as if you were installing widgets on an assembly line. The game doesn’t change unless you allow it (to) in your mind.”

One thought on “David Eckstein on Baseball (and Trading)

  1. Grace under pressure.
    Nothing harder.
    Dedicated practice builds “unconscious competence;” + confidence to let it flow.
    Navy taught us: 2,000 – 3,000 repetitions for an operation to become 2nd nature.
    No short cuts.
    No distractions (emotion), or hesitation.
    Nothing harder.

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