Francisco J. Vaca: Second Generation ‘Turtle’

For those familiar with my book The Complete TurtleTrader you know that chapter 13 is about trader Salem Abraham. Abraham is what I call a second generation Turtle — as he was heavily influenced by Turtle Jerry Parker. Another second generation Turtle? Francisco Vaca. Vaca (who I met a few years back in Florida) has been also influenced by Richard Dennis and Paul Rabar. He reached out to me last night:

“Hi Michael, I hope this e-mail finds you well. Since you like to follow those of us that came out of C & D Commodities [Richard Dennis’ original firm]. I hope you will find interesting the interview I had with Managed Account Research, Inc…released two weeks ago.”

Thanks. Here you go (PDF).

13 thoughts on “Francisco J. Vaca: Second Generation ‘Turtle’

  1. On bloomberg this guy is still VP at citigroup, having previously worked at Wells Fargo… double job?

  2. Andre, by the way that is not the same Vaca. I just asked the guy on bloomberg. He said he wasn’t.

  3. Yes, thanks for sorting that out Andrew. By reading his profile on LinkedIn, almost sure he’s not portuguese, Salvador. Too many spanish background and his first degree from a spanish university.

  4. Society would be better served if we had more brainpower dedicated to particle physics research and less to commodity trading system development.

  5. It’s a very rational choice, considering the financial incentives for being a successful trader vs. a successful particle physicist. My point is that we as a society have allowed inordinate amounts of brainpower to be diverted from fields such as physics, engineering, etc. and into finance and trading which promise great rewards to the individual, but not so much in the way of scientific progress.

    Consider GE, it was once a great research institution, now it’s a finance company and has hardly distinguished itself over the past decade.

  6. “My point is that we as a society have allowed…”

    If society doesn’t allow that choice… that is not my cup of tea. I see your point though.

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