The 50 year Forecast? Ahem… Bullsh**

Feedback in:

“Dear Michael Covel, I’m a financial professional analyzing the financial markets of any type. I’m working free, not dependent to ant company or institution. During last 6 months, I aware of an important formation taking place in DOW. It’s the long term SHOULDER-HEAD-SHOULDER formation which will lead DOW to fall down well below 5,000 assumably 1,000 to 2,000 band within two years or three. I’m not sure how to read this decline and its consiquences [sic], which is very sharp, the second after 1929, maybe the first of its kind. It certainly lead to a crisis by affecting first USA markets and then soon the rest of the world. With this decline, DOW will reach the lower line of the “increasing trend path or band of all time” (100 years) and then a new era will start, and DOW will reach 10,000 points again in 10-15 years of time, and then it will reach 100,000 within next 50 years. Note that this is just a forecast,as hundred thousands of analyst doing every day, but this is of its kind and a bit different then usual when you think of time span and its possible effects. Wait and see, test and prove my view with no doubt it will happen. Friendly speaking, I want to convert this forecast into cash. (It’s just a forecast before it occurs).That’s why writing to you. I think Soros fund management is the right place to make use of this info into cash in most effective way possible. Dear Michael, I appreciate if you share this forecast with George Soros himself.”
Best Regards,
Cemal, S.

I love crazy people. Can his prediction happen? Sure. Is there any system that he has to get to that forecast beyond making it up? No.

13 thoughts on “The 50 year Forecast? Ahem… Bullsh**

  1. Mike, the whole world(including us) is a bit crazy but this guy takes the cake:)

    Side comment: Irregardless of style, good traders or investors do not predict! Excellence in these areas does not stand upon prediction. Unfortunately, we’re all wired to predict and it takes lots of practice to ‘get it’.

  2. That’s great news! I just sold my car and purchased 10 June 19 2050 calls at 100,000… Fingers crossed!

  3. It’s hard to believe anything written by a second grader, and I’m not educated. Check cemel’s spelling and grammar.

  4. The markets are rigged by the privately owned federal reserve, and their phoney printing of federal reserve notes, so this guys prediction will probably come true, as long as the markets don’t collapse. Its too predictable that the DOW will hit a ratio of 1:1 to Gold, and will then rocket towards 50,000. … Trend following wouldn’t work on a true free market economy, it only works because the financial system is corrupt. And yes, I do trend follow the markets and have made good money doing so; went short on the Euro back in Jan, and thanks to Soro’s manipulation I’ve made a lot of money. But I also sit on 1000oz of gold, a large farm, and guns and ammo as insurance for when the day comes that the world financial markets collapse, and the global fraud comes to an end. The new world order will emerge and global communism will put an end to capitalism, I hope you guys enjoy your microchips.

  5. This guy’s predictions did not take into consideration the asteroid “Apophis” which is 390M wide that could hit the Earth in 2036 which would release more than 100,000 times the energy released in the nuclear blast over Hiroshima. I think it will miss us, because I am sure our government experts will solve this one. :>)

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