Publishing Hell

Recently Barry Ritholtz posted about Michael Lewis’ new book. He was making a point about a dealing with publishers and Amazon. So true! Writing a book and navigating these waters is often a not fun experience. Just today I received a deal note that one of the foreign publishers for my book “Trend Following” was now set to release it in electronic format in Russian. Good news? Sure, but wow what a slow and inefficient process. You would think this could all happen in a concerted, organized fashion. It doesn’t. Bottom line, authors control very little except the content of the book!

2 thoughts on “Publishing Hell

  1. Wish you all the best, but my bet is, in Russia you definately don’t control the content either, expect a lot of piracy…

  2. Mike, when (if?) you finally get paid royalties, will rubles be worth more than $$ ?

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