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William Eckhardt: Limit Portfolio Risk!

willaim eckhardt

Bill Eckhardt, the systems trading pro and former partner of Rich Dennis, once offered:

“…many prospective clients have asked me what’s the most I’ll lose on one trade. I can look up these statistics, but this is not something I would ordinarily pay any attention to. It doesn’t matter how little you lose on an individual trade, but how much you might lose on your whole portfolio. You’re not going to keep a ship afloat just by making sure the leaks are small. The important thing is to limit portfolio risk, the trades will take care of themselves.”

Eckhardt may have lost the bet with Dennis over the Turtles, but it was his hands on instruction that was critical to the Turtles’ development. How do I know? Almost all of the Turtles I talked to were quick to credit Eckhardt. It should also be noted that Eckhardt, not Dennis, has the 15+ year continuous perfomance record going back to the early nineties!

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