Turtle Jerry Parker on Systematic Trading

Turtle Jerry Parker noted the other day in Chicago that his trading is 100% systematic. Not news to me or the many others familiar with trend trading, but I suspect for people not familiar with trend following that fact takes time to digest. Parker also noted how bad of a thing it was for the Turtles to make money the wrong way. He said that if they made money the wrong way they were in trouble [with Dennis].

5 thoughts on “Turtle Jerry Parker on Systematic Trading

  1. According the Autumn Gold site, it lists Jerry Parker as 95% Systematic, 5% Discretionary. Could the 5% discretionary be the amount he allocates to other traders? Or, is Autumn Gold not reporting this correctly?

  2. traders can still make plenty of money, they just won’t pay the 80 percent tax. they’ll go to other countries that understand the nature of capitalism and free markets.

  3. > can the turtles make money paying 80% tax …

    At that point, they move offshore. Its a completely viable and legal option. I’m not sure why more haven’t left the country yet.

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