Rich Dennis and Four Turtles Today in Chicago

For the first time publicly today Richard Dennis appeared on stage with four of his Turtle students. Joining him were Jerry Parker, Liz Cheval, Tom Shanks and Paul Rabar. The room was packed so I may have missed other Turtles in the audience, but Brian Proctor (Turtle) was sitting behind me.

6 thoughts on “Rich Dennis and Four Turtles Today in Chicago

  1. While 1000s applied only 40 came in for in person interviews. Dennis accepted approximately 20 of those. He said today if they would have taken the other 20 not selected the results would have been the same.

  2. Original Turtle Brian Proctor may have turned down interview requests for my book, but in person, randomly meeting today, he was pleasant and engaging. I enjoyed speaking with him. He is one of the first people to have a copy of my new film.

  3. michael… do you deliver to davao city, philippines?
    i wanna buy your new film online if i can.


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