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Pardo Capital

Bob Pardo writes very good books on trading systems. He also trades as a trend follower. His annual compounded rate of return:

2003: +27.65%
2004: +4.84%
2005: -14.65%
2006: -15.13%
2007: +63.71%
2008: +114.62%

To those Madoff defenders on here who keep saying that no one could have known that 1% a month every month was a sign of trouble, take a look at Pardo. You don’t win every month and you don’t win every year. More from Pardo:

+19.08%; 11-2008
+114.62; YTD 2008
+937.41; Since Inception 06-1999
+27.92%; ARR Since Inception 06-1999

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