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Geetesh Bhardwaj Is the Tool for the Attack; Mutual Funds Go After Trend Following

Follow along with this chain of events:

1. I made this post in November about Geetesh Bhardwaj at AIG who was criticizing trend followers.

2. Within a few weeks of my original post I noted on a new post that Geetesh Bhardwaj was now at Vanguard. Trend followers make fortunes in October 2008 and a mutual fund that has just been devastated is leveling criticism. I thought it was odd to say the least.

Now? The author Geetesh Bhardwaj has clearly noticed that I have been posting about him and his work. He posted here today:

If my affiliation is the only criticism that you have of the results, I am vindicated. So stop taking about who I work for and start justifying the industry wide Sharpe Ratio of 0.09 to your invstors [sic]. You have been stealing investor money for too long, 2-20 for trend following really?????

Let me get this straight:

1. Bhardwaj worked at AIG until a few weeks ago.
2. Bhardwaj now works at an index mutual fund – Vanguard.
3. Bhardwaj, who clearly wants to show off his intellectual prowess, thinks the Sharpe ratio is a fair measure of trend following traders. It is not. Read (PDF).

Bhardwaj is a pawn of the mutual fund industry. The mutual fund industry spends millions through lobbying in Washington and propaganda (i.e “academic research”) to keep trend following traders from advertising their performance. Why do this? The mutual fund industry has a stranglehold on the average investor that they don’t want to lose. They keep the average guy stuck in ‘long only’ dead-end strategies to spin off their massive fees. Bhardwaj is no prophet. His attack is transparent and ignorant. When the immediate retort back is, “Sharpe Ratio”, you know the dice were loaded.

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