Paul Mulvaney Riding Trends Big Time

I interviewed Paul Mulvaney, a UK-based trend trader, a few years back. He contributed material to my first book. His 2008 performance? Damn that’s some serious performance (PDF) in the face of everyone else seemingly losing their shirt.

5 thoughts on “Paul Mulvaney Riding Trends Big Time

  1. And what is really disappointing is the size of the fund, I’m sure it will grow, but clearly very few believers in Trend Following.

    Not me.

  2. Ryan, no offence. But, I believe that simply taking out month of July based on very short results is not approproiate. The logic of trend following is to create a mechanical system that works in long run and accept any small drawdown along the way. For me, the July small losses was just part and parcel of trading only!

  3. Its weird how last yr he was down -23%, and this yr, in ‘worse’ market conditions he’s up 85%.

    Anyways I’m a noob in forex, but doing pretty well so far, and I plan on purchaseing the ‘Trend Following’ training course in the future.

    Any advice or comments on the course/trading in general would be much appreciated.

    Thanks and All the best!

  4. Michael:

    I have been in discussions with Mulvaney Capital Management since the summer for a company in which I was the C.O.O. The board thought my ideas were too risky and that I tried to hit too many “home runs”. This particular concern lost 30 million dollars in September and October. I showed them the Mulvaney performance: 15 million invested in 1999 equated to 71 million today and 30 million over the same period equated to 142 million. After my presentation at a baord meeting I returned to my office and was told the next week that I was being eliminated as I was too big a “risk taker.” My only other investement in my short tenure was with Abraham Trading Co. and the returns equated to nearly positive 12% for the same time period – this was the only positive investment for the org. over that period. So much for my “risk taking”. Mulvaney is more of a risk oriented firm but they appear “smart” from a risk management perspective. Great books and web articles. Len

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