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Turtle Casting Call: What Do You Know?

A few months back I announced my new upcoming book on the Turtles. The book is in the publishing edit process, but it was a conversation I had today that prompted me to write this unusual post.

What happened? I spoke with a trend following trader today. Due to a non-typical career path, he has had a very quiet and successful career over the last twenty years. How successful? He has earned himself a fortune close to $100 million dollars. Frankly, I felt stupid to not have heard of him! In conversation, he suddenly offered a Turtle connection. While he had no association with Dennis or the Turtles in developing his trend trading method (Donchian influences), he did receive advice from a Turtle early in his career about how to setup his trading firm (dealing with legal, etc.). It was the kind of nugget that just continues to make the Turtle story, with all of its tentacles, such a small world story. I KNOW this trader is not the only one with interesting experiences with Turtles over the years.

What does this mean for readers of my blog? Well, the randomness of today’s conversation got me to thinking that I should be asking EVERYONE if they might have a FIRST HAND anecdote or story about the Turtles in some way or another that would be interesting. I am interested in your small bits to big stories. If you do have one, contact me ASAP. There is no guarantee that your story will make it into my Turtle book, but if it is good, now is the time to contact me. DEADLINE? Now.

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