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Larry Hite: Trend Following Trader

From Trader Daily a good quick and dirty bio on Larry Hite:

“As a visually impaired, scholastically challenged kid growing up in Brooklyn, Larry Hite was never voted most likely to succeed — he didn’t even learn to read until the fifth grade. Only toil and sweat could have propelled the scrawny kid to greatness, and toil and sweat were out of the question. “I didn’t want to work for my money,” Hite, 64, says unapologetically. “I wanted money to work for me.” His game plan worked. The ideas Hite concocted in the 1970s and ’80s spawned empires and industries: Man Group, PLC, might not be the beast it is today — it’s one of the largest hedge-fund managers on the planet — had it not collaborated with Hite two decades ago on a revolutionary joint venture. Likewise, Hite forever changed futures trading in 1972, when he published a paper titled “Game Theory Applications” in The Commodity Journal, helping to usher in a new kind of quantitative speculating that masters such as Jim Simons now practice.”

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