Market Wizard Charles Faulkner

60-Minute Session with Michael Covel

  • Faulkner: trader 20+ years.
  • Expert NLP Trainer.
  • Timeless trend principles.
  • Mentoring interview in Aberdeen, MD.
  • VIDEO only available in trading systems courses.

Charles Faulkner appears in Michael Covel’s book The Little Book of Trading. His Wikipedia entry.

The 60-Minute Charles Faulkner mentoring VIDEO was conducted by Michael Covel. It is a one of a kind unique conversation with one of the most successful behavioral experts of our generation. Faulkner was originally profiled in Jack Schwager’s classic “New Market Wizards.” He is also featured in Michael Covel’s “Trend Following.”

The Faulkner mentoring VIDEO is NOT a conversation about forecasts, predictions or what the FED or the President may or may not do next week. The mentoring VIDEO covers the timeless principles, psychology and techniques that Faulkner has taught his students for 20+ years. It is must viewing for anyone seeking to model how Faulkner thinks and acts.

Our training features comparison.

Note: This VIDEO is delivered digitally. You will have permanent access.