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Flagship Video: Market Wizard Kevin Bruce

47-Minute Session with Michael Covel

  • Bruce: trader 20+ years.
  • Self-taught trend follower.
  • Earned fortune of $100M.
  • VIDEO only available in trading systems courses.

Kevin Bruce, while nearly anonymous to the trading world, earned a fortune of $100 million trading as a trend following trader. How did he do it?

Not one to flaunt his wealth, Bruce drives around Richmond, Virginia in a ’96 Ford Ranger pickup. Until recently, he cut his own grass. And he finally went ahead with what is usually a teen-age rite of passage: he’s wearing braces to straighten his teeth. Bruce made his money working as a trader in the futures markets for two banks before starting his own company, Strategic Capital Corp. Bruce trades commodities ranging from corn to crude oil, treasury bonds and foreign currencies. Bruce follows a strategy he first developed while a graduate student at the University of Georgia. Since then, he’s added risk-management techniques. “It’s mathematical. It tells us when to buy and sell and how much to buy and sell based on the odds of that trade being a winner or a loser,” he says. Just a trace of an accent reveals Bruce’s Southern roots. He and two siblings grew up in the small town of Winder, Ga., about 20 miles from Athens. His father sold insurance and his mother worked as a bookkeeper. He got hooked on trading while taking a college elective. “Our professor gave us a fictitious $10,000 to buy and sell six agricultural commodities. I turned $10,000 into $30,000 in three months, and I thought, ‘I can probably do this in real life.'” As a finance major, he worked for a bank in Charlotte, N.C., before joining what was then Signet Bank in 1986. While there, he headed the bank’s proprietary trading, managing as much as $100 million. Signet merged with First Union Bank in 1997, and Bruce worked as a managing director in its proprietary trading unit until 2000, when he went out on his own.

The 47-Minute Kevin Bruce mentoring VIDEO was conducted by Michael Covel. It is a one of a kind unique conversation with one of the most successful trend following traders of our generation. If Jack Schwager’s classic “Market Wizards” book was published today Bruce’s track record would have firmly established him side by side with the great Market Wizards of the past.

The Bruce mentoring VIDEO is NOT a conversation about forecasts, predictions or what the FED or the President may or may not do next week. The mentoring VIDEO, like all of our Market Wizard mentoring VIDEOS, covers the timeless principles, psychology and techniques that enabled Bruce to achieve his monster success. It is must viewing for anyone seeking to model how Bruce thinks and acts.

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