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“All I want in my life, the rest of my life is to engage with people who really want to get there…”

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As I went on my walk this morning, I thought I would be able to hear the only person that would agree with me about what I call the mask hoax. I was wrong about that. Although we differ on that, I absolutely loved the end of the Podcast. As soon I got back to my office, I printed this and put on the wall next to my desk.

“All I want in my life, the rest of my life is to engage with people who really want to get there. The whiners, the criers, the people who got excuses, the people who want to deny that mindset is so damn important. I got no time in the day for them.”

The reason I don’t buy this mask deal is that in my world I have contacts with business owners all over the country and we are in an industry that has been exempt from the shutdown. Each time I talk to them I ask them one simple question. Do you know anybody who has tested positive and has become seriously ill (hospitalized) because of this virus? The answer is always no. A few have known people that have tested positive, but none of them even had symptoms. I realize the group of people in my corner is getting smaller by the day and if I saw evidence I was wrong, I would change my mind. However, I hope I am right.

Always love your podcast!



Thanks! The mask is risk management. If the science is uncertain? And there is no for sure? No 100%? Masks provide some potential risk reduction for a low cost.

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