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“Having a system brings a level of calm I don’t see in a lot of friends right now…”

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Michael –

Just want to thank you for offering the Trend Following course! I bought it about a year ago and have incorporated your key principles into my system. Having stop losses on all positions has saved my butt in this market. I’m down about 5% vs the market being down well over 20%. Will now switch to being patient and looking for opportunities as they present themselves with the same focus on stop losses and position sizing that I learned from you.

Having a system brings a level of calm I don’t see in a lot of friends right now. Like you we live out of the US (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico). Being outside of the US makes it easier to step back and observe instead of being in the middle of the hysteria friends back home are experiencing.

Thanks again for your course, podcasts and books!

Leo W.


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