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“I know that I need to create a plan to treat trading as a business…”

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for asking. At this stage of mine, which is absolute beginner as a technical trader who had had “lucky” outcomes doing “fundamental” trading in the past, I am learning on my own to find out about myself as a trader psychologically, about the markets that I will accessing and trading, and about the trading systems that will provide the right tools and platform for me to trade with peace of mind. Just in case you are wondering why I decided to change from trading fundamental to technical, the reason is that I have stopped trusting anything that is made available for me in the mainstream media after witnessing the events in the financial market since 2008. Just to clarify that I am not being bitter. I didn’t have any positions to speak of in 2008 so I wasn’t hurt by it. I was left terrified nonetheless how the markets were so dishonest and set up to victimize people like myself.

I know that I need to create a plan to treat trading as a business, and I am going to stick to it. Why I know I can stick to it is because it is what I need to control my fear of trading my money in the markets. There are so many unknown factors outside of my control when it comes to trading. I want to be in control of the known factors as much as possible. On the other end of the spectrum is the unknowable, I don’t spend much time on worrying about that because there is nothing I can do about the unknowable such as whether a particular instrument is going to keep going up for me to realize returns. I am going to following trends.

To answer your question, for me the great murky grey middle such as when, where, and how I trade is what I find challenging in the manners of knowing and getting the right information that I trust to create the trading process that fits me.


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