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“I found ‘TurtleTrader’ (Book) and haven’t looked back since…”

Feedback in:


I was recently reflecting on my current preferences in books, podcasts and online resources and realized one thing; I found most all of them thanks to you and your great material.

I found “The Complete TurtleTrader” in 2010 (+ or – a year) and haven’t looked back since. From your books, to your reading recommendations, to your podcast, and your trend following course, your work has helped me realize many of my passions. Thanks to you, I found authors like Ayn Rand, Tim Ferris and Ryan Holiday. I stumbled upon great thinkers like James Altucher, Daniel Kahneman and Charles Faulkner. I met successful trend following traders like Salem Abraham, Paul Tudor Jones and Tom Basso. And last, but not least, I discovered libertarian principles, Objectivism and obviously the trend following mindset.

All of that is only a small piece of what started out as an interesting book about trading and “turtles” I found in the book store. I’ve enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, each and every rabbit hole your work sends me down. And for that, I thank you.

Best Regards,

You are welcome.

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