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Dear Michael,

Hello from Blue Ocean Strategy! We recently listened to the podcast “Masters in Business: Michael Covel” on Barry Ritholtz’s Big Picture (January 13, 2016). We really appreciate when people take the time to mention blue ocean strategy and as a thank you, we share the best content with our growing global audience via our website, social media accounts and email newsletter. We thought our audience would enjoy this piece and so we have already mentioned and posted a link to it in our eLibrary – here.

We would love to have you as part of our Blue Ocean Community. We have an exciting newsletter with original content that we’d love for you to sign up for. Also, if you haven’t already, check out our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts where we share other latest developments on blue ocean strategy.

To blue oceans ahead!

With appreciation,

xxx from the BOS Team

Thanks! I hope to have Professor Kim on my podcast soon. Let’s make that happen.

Blue Ocean Strategy
Blue Ocean Strategy

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