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Feedback in:

Hi Michael, I really enjoy your podcast and the alternative ideas you put out. Please keep up the good work! I was wondering if you could help me with a question please. If one had around USD100,000 to allocate to a trend following manager would there be one or a couple of stand-out managers that you would put forward. I understand you are obviously not in a position to make specific recommendations: the question really just goes to accessibility of particular funds for that size of investment, as I understand that amount is too small for many funds. I have been in contact with [Name] at [Name] already, but would like to thoroughly explore options. I would prefer a manager that only takes carried interest and no fees in down period. By way of background I am Australian citizen but a long term resident of Japan.

Many thanks

Absolutely no names, other than all the leads you can find across my podcast and books!

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