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Peter Schiff: The Angry People Arrive

Feedback in:

If there ever was a poster child for why trend following will never get too big it’s Peter Schiff. His stubbornness is legendary. He’s never wrong in his own mind even though a lot of his predictions(higher interest rates, lower dollar and hyperinflation) haven’t panned out. His housing bubble prediction panned out big time but he still didn’t make a lot of money because things like commodities and gold stocks collapsed.

He’s basically why I stumbled upon trend following. I realized that experts often didn’t know what is going on and neither did I. If Schiff can’t predict what’s going to happen and not make a lot of money what does that mean for the rest of us? If the government can spend so much money and commodities can still collapse there must be more to investing than most of us can understand. Hence trend following.


Trading was not the point of that conversation. That was clear.

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