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Mr. Covel. First, thank you for a great job preaching not only trend following but the importance of a systematic approach to trading. Your web site is something I have come across recently, and I feel I have found a gem, because it is very difficult to find good relevant technical trading information. On slow trading days I have some great interview to look forward to. I use a volatility based trading strategy on the commodities I trade, with a Secure F (trailing) stop and proper position sizing. The last being the most important risk- and money management tool. Being from the outskirts of Europe, I am probably one of very few Norwegian followers, but I stick my head out with a suggestion and a question. Linda Raschke had a presentation at the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) in London UK, recently. Being one of very few women in the industry, she has an impressive track record and very interesting to listen to. She would be a good subject for an interview. My recent focus, has been scanning techniques for individual stocks or commodities – basically getting rid of non performing outliers and keep the “asymmetric positive skewed trades/stocks”. Is this a topic that has been explored in one or more of your interviews or is there other sources that you would recommend? Thanks again for an excellent site and service you do to the trading community. Best regards, [name], MSTA

Thanks for the nice words.

I do not have any leads on where you can go for more on portfolio selection. Most information I have, that has been across my desk, I share with clients via It is a subject that is much work, but with big potential results.

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