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Trend Followers Are Lone Wolfs, Not Coyotes

In a new book derived from his letters the late General Patton offers:

“It never pays to fight an underdog. You can fight for them, but never against him.”

He also wrote down very appropriate advice for investors even though probably not intended as such:

“It is very foolish, but quite understandable, that one should run around raising hell, but it gets one nowhere and betrays a lack of self-confidence. A man who is self-confident does not run around with a gang. It is much better to be a lone wolf than a coyote.”

Trend following 101 wisdom. Stand your ground by yourself. Avoid running with packs of coyotes, even though the vast majority of modern society has become a coyote pack. Packs don’t hold the secret to wealth.

Note: Thanks to Ed Moy for the idea. Also be sure to check out Patton i read your book!

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