Bartiromo Feedback

My video about Maria Bartiromo brought out some pleasant feedback:

You make accusations without any proof or examples. You are media and just as guilty as those you accuse. This is a hatchet piece without merit. You apparently have an audience that hates American, CNBC, and Maria. Glad I don’t have to live in your dung hole.


13 thoughts on “Bartiromo Feedback

  1. This is the typical example of a person who is offended by pragmatic thinking and as a result of only feeling, and not thinking, forgets about logic and has keyboard temper tantrum. It’s a shame that the person who left the comments(cannot call it criticism because there are no critiques) did not give examples of how MC and the audience of “Broke” hate America. Apparently his logic is… if you think critically, then you must hate America.

  2. I think that video is absolutely fantastic. Exactly what we need more of. More intelligence, less bull$hit. Full steam ahead Micheal.

  3. Gosh, this made me remember that I has forgotten to order a Broke DVD. I just ordered one and look forward to seeing it.

  4. I believe that it can be taken as fact the Maria backed out of the interview at the last minute. Michael made the claim neither Maria nor CNBC are disputing it. She gave her reason why, which is sounds like it comes from above her in my opinion, because any good journalist would love to take on someone with another opinion about her line of work. I think that is why she wanted to do it in the first place.

    CNBC knows that it has created Financial Reality TV. It has created the Financial version of survivor or real world. Its very entertaining, but has very little use for helping people with investing. Unfortunatly too many people depend upon it as one of their PRIMARY sources of investment knowledge. That is why the interview, or lack therof, by Maria is so telling of what CNBC is and that they know that they are doing it on purpose

  5. Bartiromo and the rest of her CNBC gang are talking heads. They will never get it. What they think and say is worthless in money making. That is no secret to the free-thinking trader.

  6. I love the “hate America” part. You obviously struck a nerve if she is slinging mud at you.

    When credibility is lost, the game is over for them. They will never allow your film to become mainstream, it is a serious threat to the establishment. I imagine the establishment will do whatever they can to marginalize you with the “hate America” rhetoric.

    I loved your film. You have credible, self-made people saying that the mainstream media doesn’t know anything.

  7. Cancelling a studio gig is akin to standing someone up at the alter.

    Consider yourself lucky.

    Personally, I will prefer the film without that voice in it.

  8. Just watched this interview from Jan this year,

    has some classic lines in it like one about stock market crash.. “if you get out now you’re only down on paper, you’ve not lost any dollars, sit tight, the market will come back”

    with that sort of wisdom I don’t think you missed too much without her in film.

  9. I’m going to play amateur psychologist and guess that Alexander has a crush on Maria. Grow up, Alexander.

  10. Correction: I didn’t mean Alexander. I meant the “hate America” guy. Apologies, Alexander. I’ll wake up eventually.

  11. If his attitude is representative of the average American who thinks the reasons for the country’s financial crisis as described in “Broke” are an unwarranted attack on America, then a lot of Americans better get used to living in “dung holes” because that’s all they’ll be able to afford if they don’t wake up to the new economic reality: that is, America is fading fast as an economic power one credit card debt at a time. Enjoy the new plasma TV!…you paid for it with your grandchildren’s future.

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