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“Thanks Mr. Congressman for My Job Digging Ditches!”

I know what it is like to swing a hammer. Manual labor, all kinds of it, was something I saw growing up. Today, my labor is different, namely all of the various entrepreneurial activities described herein. However, I have a real problem with the descriptions of “jobs” that will result from the stimulus bill. Intellectuals in suits are taking great pride in creating jobs that they themselves would never want. They are in ivory towers looking down on the “common” man pretending to “relate”. Doesn’t anyone see the problem with talking up jobs like laying asphalt, digging ditches and swinging hammers? Even people who have those jobs now are generally looking for something better. Let’s face it, many politicians view us as members of a union who should just be happy to have a steady dead-end job slinging hash. When did America become a land where a $12 an hour job was praiseworthy? Why not describe these jobs as stop gap jobs to something better? My point is not small. Why not make the focus on motivating people beyond hard manual labor alone? The political attitude now is all messed up.

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