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Theresa Lo Comment on Price

Theresa Lo offered a nice comment on price:

“I know you’re used to reading financial blogs that opine ad nauseum everyday. I have no idea how they do it, nor am I going to try. You see, I show up each morning to make money; cash facilitates life. I don’t care for conspiracy theories or consider fiat currency an Ayn Rand moral dilemma. I won’t waste time tracking the defunct M3. Who cares if the Plunge Protection Team is real or not? @*$%@#$ corporate greed. I cannot right the alleged wrongs of capitalism – that’s what the SELL button is for. Use it. I simply accept the Darwinian nature of the markets. There is a financial circle of life and it cannot be defied. There is no good or bad. There are only profits or losses. That’s why tracking and trading price is the way to go. In an imperfect world, it’s all we have.”

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