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Thoughts from the Old Pro

Suggestions for trading from the old pro and founder of Commodities Corporation Amos Hostetter:

1. Experience must teach. Follow it invariably.
2. Observation gives the best tips of all. Observe market behavior and experience shows how to profit.
3. Buying on a rising market is the comfortable way. The point is not so much to buy as cheap as possible or go short at the top prices, but to buy as & sell at the right time.
4. Remember a market is never too high for you to begin buying or too low to begin selling. Let your tape reading show you when to begin. After the initial transaction don’t make a second unless the first shows a profit.
5. There is a great deal in starting right in every enterprise.
6. When something happens on which you did not count when your plans were made, it behooves you to utilize the opportunity.
7. In a bear a market it is always wise to cover if complete demoralization develops suddenly.
8. Stick to facts only and govern your actions accordingly.
9. What is abnormal is seldom a desirable factor in a traders calculations. If a market doesn’t act right, don’t touch it.

Commodities Corporation was the original trading mentor long before Richard Dennis and the Turtles. Commodities Corporation, as noted in my book, taught or funded many of the great market wizard trading pros.

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