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Additional Benefits: Trend Following Systems from Michael Covel

  • Huge Returns: Massive Performance. Financial freedom. The best returns you can find over the last 50 years are produced from trend following systems.
  • Value: Actionable systems you can use immediately to make money.
  • Onerous: Our firm serves clients by performing the onerous work for them. That means flying around the world and gaining an audience with the best traders on the planet. Sitting down with them, learning with them and figuring out what they do to make their trend following profits.
  • Modeling: Trading is a teachable science. A subject you can learn like any other. It is not an innate talent. If you want success you must copy what the great traders do. Model the trading excellence of great traders. This modeling enables us to teach the right techniques and behaviors to our clients to help them achieve out-sized returns. These are trading principles and methods that, when applied, regardless of your gender, race, religion, or financial status, create lasting results. The right trading behaviors can be installed into a person like software is installed on a PC. Be the next Turtle, the next Bill Dunn or the next John W. Henry.
  • No Prediction: If you see somebody promise that they can predict tomorrow, watch out. Predictions are an early warning sign–sort of like locusts or plague. Top trend following traders do not predict tomorrow. They react to market movements.
  • No Stories: Cocktail parties are filled with bright people tossing around exciting stories all designed to make you think that they have figured out a market direction or market play to make money. Stories and stock tips are one massive waste of time.
  • Vacation Trading: Means of market profits: laptop + Internet. Minutes a day is it. Automation. Mechanical. Desert isle. Freedom. Manage your trades from anywhere in the world. Geography is not your master.
  • End-of Day System: You don’t have to sit in front of a computer to trade. You will know before the open whether there is an order that day. You can place all orders before the market opens. Once orders have been placed, you don’t need to monitor the market the rest of the day. More time to do what you love.
  • Timeless v. Timely: You want to have a trading strategy that worked 50 years ago or 40 years ago or 30 years ago or 20 years ago or 10 years ago or five years ago or one year ago. You want timeless principles that work no matter what particular market is moving either up or down. Is that doable? Absolutely.
  • Clear Strategy: Making money in the markets isn’t about trading technology or software. It’s about ideas. It’s about a mindset. Trend trading is all about opportunity taking not opportunity making. If you don’t have a strategy, if you wake up each day like the millions of panicky sheep, scared that they might miss something, petrified they don’t know something–stop now because you’re not going to make it.
  • Fully Disclosed: Our trading logic is fully disclosed so you’ll know exactly why each trade is being placed. This is not a black-box system where you don’t know how it all works.
  • Unique: Who else is crazy enough to donate 15 years of their life in a pursuit to get behind the curtain? Our access is unique.
  • Desire: If you’re stuck, it may help to take a page from the book of those who have done it. They often share key traits: talent, passion, drive, and discipline. But they share another characteristic often overlooked: courage.
  • Robust: You don’t learn dozens of indicators and theorems. Great traders concentrate on the core concepts.
  • Read Over Our Shoulder: Wouldn’t you like it if we could filter for you what is important? The few things that you should read? Our job is to find you the best and make sure your radar is on the mission critical issues. All of your trend following trades can be executed in your existing account.
  • Think Probabilities Winners think about how much they can lose. Losers think about how much they can win. Those simple words are mission-critical. Process versus outcome.
  • No Opinions or Egos: Do you have a big ego? Do you trade to impress people? Do you trade to be right? Egos, impressing people and trying to be right are the kiss of death when it comes to making money in the markets.
  • No Favorite Stocks: Do you really care what market you make money in? If you make all of your money hypothetically shorting the euro, so what? If you make all of your money for a particular year being long Apple stock, so what? Don’t have favorites. Favorites are the sure sign of a inexperienced trader who has inexpensive lesson yet to be learned in front of him or her. A system for every market is all you want.
  • The Need: Trend following is not a want or a luxury.
  • The Right Way: How do you avoid information overload? How do you decipher the right investing hieroglyphics? How do you choose what to leave in and out? Looking at data is one thing, but knowing what to do with it is different. Traditional investing beliefs have become discredited, challenged by experience, and factually disproven by data-driven analyses.
  • K.I.S.S.: Academics and government types hate simple. Sophistication and complexity is how they justify their degrees (and the years spent wandering around campus cafeterias). A degree in math or statistics, or economics is not needed. Staff, premises, and expensive overhead are not required.
  • Firehose to the Mouth: Learning is not a straight line. You need to be exposed to as much material on a subject like trend following as possible. This allows you to take in details you might not consciously see.
  • Heretics: Clinging to labels and status will stunt your learning. Intellectual idiots like being told what to believe in. Don’t be that. Anyone can learn and unlearn. Be a sponge. Stepping out of bounds is the winning hand. Individual self-reliance is it.
  • Embrace Disorder: Surprise events, uncertainty, chaos, and even primal fear might not appear to be the states needed for market success, but they are. Great investing, great trading, great trend following embraces the shock and so should you.
  • Behavioral Finance: Human beings are not rational.
  • Random Jumps: Markets are not efficient. They are driven by random jumps. Rare and unpredictable large deviations from the normal. Traditional investing is built upon the bell curve. It’s all wrong.
  • Diversify Broadly: More than you can imagine.

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