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Poker Wizard DVD: Pro Poker Players

91-Minute Session with Michael Covel

  • Poker playing insights.
  • Learn to Think in Probabilities.
  • Poker Insights applied to trading.
  • Interviews in Las Vegas, NV.
  • DVD only available in trading systems courses.

While making the documentary film Broke Michael Covel quickly discovered that some of the greatest traders all looked to poker early on for their trading lessons. Our DVD goes right to the heart of poker and odds–a key to making money in the markets. Further, while Billy Walters doesn’t appear on our DVD his 60 Minutes interview might give you further perspective about how important it is to think and act in terms of numbers.

Our 91-Minute Poker DVD was conducted by Michael Covel. It is a one of a kind unique conversation with two pro poker players. The DVD is (2) separate interviews comprising in total 91 minutes.

This DVD is not a conversation about forecasts, predictions or random TMZ style questioning. This DVD covers the timeless principles, psychology and techniques that enabled these men to have great success in a field that is very similar to successful trend following. It is must viewing for anyone seeking to model how two of the best poker players think and act. Bottom line, their mindset can actually help you from a trading perspective.

Note: Further poker insights featured in Michael Covel’s film Broke.

All (6) of our system trading courses are the same except for the following critical differences listed here in our features comparison.

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