Podcast Making Waves

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Hello Michael,

My name is [name] I am writing to you from Kiev. I was living in Donetsk until last month, but probably as you know now it’s big war there today, even some people said that Gold is moving because of that reason (it’s funny right?). Long story…

Last night I was listening Jack Schwager Ep. 018 exactly minute 9. I wish to shake both of your hands. Today, I am listening Jerry Parker Ep. 245 minute 20 and I had same feeling again. It doesn’t mean I couldn’t find other parts useful, but my problem today is to “eliminate emotions” and these conversations are giving very clear visions about managing emotions. I am sure every time when I am lost, it would be useful to listen to this podcast.

You bring to us all these people with their huge, huge experiences and clever ideas. Thank you very much what you are doing and also thank all these traders that join your program to share their experiences.

Regards, [name]