Nick Radge Has Appeared Twice and Will Appear Again

Feedback in:

Hey Mike. Davie [name] here. I found this recording of Nick Radge who is a trend following trader like yourself. He reminded me so much of you that I thought it might be of interest to you. He also believes that the best and most stress free way to trade is the trend following approach. He talks about the greats like Bill Dunn and William Eckhardt and their track records. He deals with an issue you have dealt with many times; the equity curves over a short period of time vs. a longer period of time. He talks about how he has averaged just under 30% per year and shows his own equity curve which of course everyone envied and wanted to trade his system. However, he goes in detail about how one of his students emailed him in frustration because after one month, his system had been unprofitable. He then detailed the class month by month break downs of the equity curves of his and others such as Eckhardt showing how disastrous their 20% plus returns appeared to be when taken out of context and viewed on a month by month basis rather than over several years. He shows the class how Eckhardt had losing years despite averaging 25%. He shows how Eckhardt often would have 4 to 5 consecutive losing months as one of the best traders in the world. When he also delved pretty deeply into Dunn’s record. Anyway Mike, this guy sounded so much like a clone of you that I figured you might his presentation to be interesting.

Thanks, but I should point out that Nick Radge has been on my podcast twice so far. He will appear again.