Where Are All Podcast Episodes?

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Hey Michael, Let me just say that you are one of my all-time favorite podcasters! I am currently reading through your first book (Trend Following)…I’m not entirely sure yet how you define “trend following” but I think I might be one of these types of traders, as I agree wholeheartedly with nearly everything you say! I have a dilemma though… I am using a Podcast software on my (ancient) iPhone and for some reason, some episodes are missing. I have been listening to your podcasts backwards (most current to earliest). However, somewhere around May 2012 it stops?? I have episode 15 and then a bunch of interviews… but no 14 through 1. I see you do have all the episodes on your site and iTunes, but I’m trying to get either a direct “Feed” or “OPML address” to plugin to this software if possible. The reason why is because I listen to your podcast at 3x speed. I believe it is helpful (healthy?) to stretch my brain to comprehend podcasts at the max speed I can interpret. My theory is that thinking at highspeed will translate to better and quicker decisions. It’s a form of discipline I’ve been practicing. Anyway, only about 10 more episodes left and then I’ll hit the brick wall!! So if you know of a Feed link or OPML address, I’d greatly appreciate it.


iTunes only carries last 100 episodes (anyone know a way around that?). I am working on getting them all up in one place, but for now you can get all of them here.

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  1. I noticed the same problem this person is dealing with. I just download the podcasts that are missing from Itunes via Libsyn. You can right-click the “Download this Episode” link, click “save link as”, and it should save the file as an MP3. From there, I just transfer the MP3s into my Itunes and sync to my devices.

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