Podcast Feedback from Spain & All Parts!

Poddcast feedback in from Derek Hernquist:

Hi Michael, Wanted to thank you for the wonderful collection of interviews, great to hear from some of these operators. Like unwrapping a gift when I hear of some of these new names you find. I’m aware of my confirmation bias re: trend following but good to hear others explain how little they “know” about what’s coming, hidden behind how much they know about what they’ll do when it arrives. Good stuff…Derek

Thanks Derek.

More poddcast feedback in:

Hello Michael, I would like to give you my feedback on two of your motivational podcast episodes 15 & 16. Episode 15 is here in Spain–many people are living a real nightmare. People are losing their homes and still having to pay mortgages, people in all age ranges losing their jobs and no positive expectations to get one, couples with kids just living with a government subsidiary, a job offer for an engineer position 400€/month (not even enough to die!), and so on and so on. Even though in the last few years at colloquial talks people say: “we should not worry, it will get better”, “this cannot get worse”, to saying: “this is the way it is, let’s see”. When I listen to these comments I think that people do not really want to get up from the couch. I would even say that it looks like people do not like to take personal responsibility for their problems. I believe that entrepreneurism requires a strong personal goal. In my case I only started to move on when I set my personal goal and had the burning desire to achieve it. I don’t just do whatever is required to accomplish it, but I am enjoying like hell the process. I don’t know when will I be ready to start trading but this is FUN & GREAT! Episode 16? I highly agree with your two philosophical approaches of being awake to the outside world and thinking outside the box. My personal experience has been that when I work at a big problem I solve it by thinking outside the box. Enjoying your course material, Carlos

Thanks Carlos.

Note: Episode 15 & 16.