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Hi, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks reading your Trend Following book and browsing your web site and I have a few questions. 1.) I was looking for a simple system, but I see the main manual is 226 pages. I see in the FAQ that there are many trading systems covered in the course material. What I want to avoid is being paralyzed by all of the choices available. Should I expect to find it easy to find something in the course that works for my schedule, level of experience and starting capital? 2.) I realize that everyone is different, but generally speaking how long after receiving the course should I expect to be ready for live trading? 3.) Will I need anything beyond the course material? Asked another way, will there be other products/services recommended/required after the initial purchase?
Thank you,
Chris B.

1. You will not be paralyzed (our support will make sure of this). On the contrary, the diversity of similar systems will provide confidence. And we teach all types of clients. We are used to working with all types and all situations. The biggest issue always comes down to the individual — will you work hard?

2. Everyone is different, but 4-6 weeks is a reasonable time frame to absorb the material.

3. You will need ‘data’ from the likes of CSI ( for around $20/30 per month. We offer a 10% discount off all of their advertised prices. Also, there are third party pieces of software that can make the process of automating rules we teach — much easier. You could use ms-excel to specialized software. However, software is just a tool that allows you to take what you could otherwise write out on paper — and make life easier. Software is, of course, only as good as the rules you put into it…and rules are what we teach.

From another reader:

Michael: I’m very impressed that I was able to speak to you directly with my questions regarding the Classic Trend Trading Course. Thank you for your answers and detailed attention to my questions. Greatly appreciated. I’m still doing my research but I expect to likely get the course.
Andrew R.