Another Review of Salem Abraham DVD

Here is a second recent review of my Salem Abraham DVD:

The Market Wizard DVD featuring Salem Abraham is an 89 minute discussion with one of the best trend following traders. The discussion is conducted by Michael Covel in Abraham’s hometown of Canadian located in northern Texas. This DVD is packed with great information for anyone who wants a better understanding of how Salem Abraham has become such a talented trader. Salem suggests a person should play to their strengths in trading and life. He says: “A duck ought to be in a swimming race and not a running race.” This piece of wisdom is very important in risk management. Salem commented about how significant the internet was on commerce. Trading can be done anywhere. You do not have to be located in a major city like Chicago to have a successful track record. Also mentioned, is the decrease in trading disputes due to electronic trading. The occurrence of an extreme event is something any veteran or wise trader respects. Salem talks about the importance of considering the extreme events into everyday risk management. For example, if all trades have a 99 percent probability of working favorably, betting all will eventually lead to broke. Therefore, it is necessary to consider all outcomes and know that there are things that can•t be planned for. It’s ok to lose, is an important and difficult thing to accept for many traders. Salem explains that a losing bet is not always a bad bet and a winning bet is not always a good bet. The degree of risk relative to reward will determine a great trade from a bad trade. Topics of discussion range from real estate to parenting with Salem. Watching this DVD was a great way to reaffirm the knowledge I have gained through my own personal experiences. When going through a draw down, having a great DVD like this may be helpful in sticking to the system. I recommend this DVD to everyone! Jonathan R. Keag

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