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Why do our students need support? For the same reason there are universities. For example, if a textbook was all you needed for success why have colleges? Hands on instruction is key. How do you decide what is right or wrong? What should you believe? How do you handle the emotional aspects of trading? Michael Covel, and his firm, will show you exactly how to become a successful trend following trader. You may not have friends, associates or family members who understand this subject or who even want to. A professional and experienced feedback loop, on demand, is critical for your money-making success.

Whether you need a little support or a lot, you will receive individually tailored service. Our students are not just numbers. That dedication to student support has earned us the confidence of students since 1996. Our solutions were designed from the ground up to allow complete novices and advanced traders to quickly ‘get it’. Our support team will answer 95 percent of all emailed questions within 24 hours. You can be anywhere and learn with us: iPhone, beach, office, your bedroom, your bathroom, it doesn’t matter. Your physical location has nothing to do with your success in any, way, shape or form.

Bottom line, right from the start you have the needed assistance to become a knowledgeable and confident trend following trader. Everyone learns differently. There is no one size fits all training method. As soon as you become a student and receive your trading course you can contact us with questions. All students have access to free student support service for (1) year as part of all original course purchases.

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Trend Following
Trend Following

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