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Michael Covel Podcast Episodes 700 to 799

001-099, 100-199, 200-299, 300-399, 400-499, 500-599, 600-699, 700-799

Ep. 722 Michael Covel
Ep. 721 Mark Miller
Ep. 720 Michael Covel
Ep. 719 Jonathan Tepper
Ep. 718 Michael Covel
Ep. 717 Michael Covel
Ep. 716 Daniel Crosby
Ep. 715 Ann Mei Chang
Ep. 714 Michael Covel
Ep. 713 Michael Covel
Ep. 712 Bradley Hope
Ep. 711 Daniel Peris
Ep. 710 Peter Boettke
Ep. 709 Paul Britton
Ep. 708 Michael Covel
Ep. 707 Michael Covel
Ep. 706 Michael Covel
Ep. 705 Howard Marks
Ep. 704 Michael Covel
Ep. 703 Allison Shapira
Ep. 702 Michael Covel
Ep. 701 Jeffrey Gitomer
Ep. 700 Tom Basso

“Your questions were excellent questions. I enjoyed this very much.”
Vernon Smith, Nobel Prize in Economics

“You are an exceptional interviewer.”
Charles Faulkner, Market Wizard

“You’ve surrounded yourself with one of the most advanced group of mentors possible…The people on your podcasts, and people in your life, all are people with strong opinions, all people that make you think and make you grow. You just have some kind of an affinity for people like that, and that’s part of what makes you good at what you do.”
Ed Seykota, Market Wizard

The Show

Michael Covel is the voice behind Trend Following™ Radio. His podcast is the underground alternative hit that has ranked as high as #2 on iTunes investing channel (with 7M+ listens and counting).

Q: Michael, how did this podcast happen?
A: During the production of my film interview skills developed. And after my 4th book I decided on a whim to launch a trading podcast. It has gone far beyond trading to network TV-level-guest diversity. Nobel prize winners on my show? Never expected that, but I embrace it. Check out nice words from the Wall Street Journal:

“Michael Covel’s podcast has had over [7] million listeners and he’s completed [600+] episodes. He’s probably the most established podcaster on this list—and it shows. Mr. Covel’s podcast is great for those looking for alternative views on the market, those who are tired of hearing the same old stories told on CBNC and other traditional outlets. This is highly recommended if you are looking to expand your mind in investing. Mr. Covel has had some incredible guests, to include multiple Nobel Prize winners and world-famous investors. One of my favorite episodes was when Mr. Covel interviewed Annie Duke, a former professional poker player who has some incredible insights on decision making. Mr. Covel always has me thinking and Annie Duke only amplified my brain-wave activity.”

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