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“I assured him it’s part of your raw charm…”

Feedback in:

Hola Michael,

Here’s a fun comment to brighten your day. I often drive to pick up my son from School in Singapore and we listen to Trend Following Radio. Today you dropped a few F-Bombs and I explained to Vaughan (age 10 named after Stevie) that you’re a little rough around the edges at times; to which he responded, “Maybe we should sand him.” But I assured him it’s part of your raw charm and no need.

Great stuff on the podcast as always. As a like minded American on year 12 of my expat adventure in Singapore, I too enjoy the “low noise” and high excitement in Asia. Look forward to catching up for a great Vietnam coffee at the Hyatt one day (no crappy clear Asian beer for me either). I know we’ll have a lot of cool stuff to chat about as I’m a crazy serial entrepreneur trying to live the dream. Actually not trying, Doing. Got no complaints.

Keep up the awesome podcasts and if Jim isn’t in town your next trip to Singapore just give a shout and we’ll chew the fat, literally. The American club just opened a proper Texas BBQ restaurant poolside and as a native Texan I give it my full approval.



My early baseball career forever burdened me with some occasional raw language.

The Trend Following Team
The Trend Following Team

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