“Has Michael Covel devised a way to sharpen the trend following learning curve?”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael (or whoever is reading),

I’m huge fan of the podcast and I’ve read Trend Following and The Complete TurtleTrader. The idea of trend following, as a trading strategy, resonates with me. Trading all markets and trading human behavior, so to speak, without worrying about the impossible business of predicting future outcomes, is a strategy that makes sense to me. I want to be able to cut out the noise, ignore the fed, prevent emotional decision making, avoid analysis paralysis, but still be able to identify “cheap and hated” sectors where the best money is made. Trend following might help me do these things. What I’m unclear on is what it takes to create a Trend Following system as an individual rookie investor. I’m sick of pitches on “proprietary systems” that beat the market. They all spin a good story. I don’t want to be told what and when to buy and sell. Would the flagship system show me to how to be a trend follower or just give me access to “Covel’s secret system.” I know Michael Covel knows his sh–, but I’m tired of “secret systems.” Trend following didn’t pay off for all the turtles, after all. Has Michael Covel devised a way to sharpen the trend following learning curve? Or is he, in the end, selling recommendations?

Thank you,

Flagship is not recommendations. Read more here.

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